• Locks down original platter balance
  • Keeps the read write heads alignment
  • Resolves platter divider issues
  • Protects platters
  • Enables easy transfer of a replacement base
A system developed by Malcolm Jamieson Senior Analyst at DTIDATA to successfully enable the transfer of the entire external Hard Drive Assembly (HDA) for data extraction from jammed or stuck Seagate hard drives.

Base Replace V2 is Now available

Base replace V2 is the same concept as the first Revision but has adjusted screw holes and the ability to remove the heads first with the tool in place.

Although it is possible to use the original tool V2 was designed to specifically address 7200.10 drives and previous revisions that require the head stack assembly to be removed first before replacing the base

The alternative repair system for jammed or stuck spindle motor bases on Seagate hard drives

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